Thursday, June 3, 2010

How to start earning with Google Adsense without having a website or blog

First of You need to create a google adsense account to get started to create a adsense account and get approved quickly just follow the procedure described here . But be sure to fill your complete profile with original address , door no, photo etc.. so that adsense account will be approved. Within a week you will receive a mail from google about your adsense account approval.

After your adsense account approved successfully you just  
Register here  and then verify your registration by checking your mail from them. That's all now you are going to get started to earn from adsense account after registration you have to get 500 points to become a Gold member of ISC then only you may able to associate the adsense account to the site where you will get 90% of adsense revenue share from your posts in ISC.

Here is how you can earn from the site You post some self written articles (strictly do not copy from any source to avoid getting banned from them) , forum messages , jobs etc in the site(ISC) for each posts you get some points after you reach 500 points you may goto your profile page by clicking your name at the left hand side then select manage adsense account and copy and paste your Adsense publisher ID (you may get this by logging into your adsense account at the id starts with pub-xxx) and save the settings that's all now all your posts and articles pages will show your google ads. 

You can post more messages in the following community forums of ISC to boost your earnings 

Use the same user ID and Password(use the one registered above) of ISC to login here and click Join now and post messages to start earning from adsense. Guys believe it or not I am earning 90% of my revenue from the above forums  so start posting more messages ( Strictly Donot copy any message from any source)  and this the best revenue sharing website I have seen so far. 

Post your comments  if you have any doubts.