Saturday, November 8, 2014

Xiaomi Smart Mi Band Review, Specifications and Price

Xiaomi Smart Mi Band Review, Specifications and Price

Xiaomi's Mi Band or Mi Bracelet equipped with bluetooth, it can track your physical activities, calories burned, distance traveled and record your daily activities. You can also set your goals to keep an eye on whether you are meeting your targets or not. It can also analyzes your daily activities and provides you health advice i.e. it tracks how many hours you sleep, your physical activities and calories burned are synchronized through Bluetooth low energy.

The Bracelet app will analyze your health and activity data and provides you realtime health advice. Like Motorola's trusted bluetooth feature which enables you to unlock phone without entering the password as long as the trusted bluetooth  device is paired and in range, the Mi Band also supports the same with its Mi phones. When you received calls this band will also indicates by vibration as well as flashing LED's.

As It comes with IP67 dust and water proof certification you don't need to worry about accidental hand washes. Skeptical about the real time use but still you can find your bracelet by using the Find my bracelet option in the Bracelet App it vibrates and flashes its LED's to indicate its presence. It provides an outstanding battery backup of 30 days and withstand harsh temperatures ranging from -20 deg to 70 deg Celsius. It is equipped with DA 14580 Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 chip thus it provides 30 days of battery life (41 mAh battery) with a single full charge and also it uses the same low power acceleration sensor which is used in US military helmets.  Price Rs. 790 Approx. it is not available in Indian Market as of writing this post.

Note: Supports only for Android 4.4 Kitkat and above