Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Download torrents from your Mobile Phones without compromising Download Speed

Now you can download torrents from your mobile phone browser without worrying about speed and very less seeders. 

Yes there is a site called www.btaccel.com which is currently in alpha stage but works perfectly here is how you can download the torrents.

First just copy the torrent download link ending with .torrent just login to btaccel.com and paste the url at the textbox and it will automatically starts download to their site after it completed download you receive a mail that your download is finished and now you can login to btaccel.com then select the file to download from your mobile browser or your desktop browser the speeds are rocking as it is downloading from their server and we donot worry about the seeders even it is only one.

Advantages of btaccel is that no need to worry about the seeders as we are downloading from their server the speeds are rocking  and downloading is with resume support. So why to depend on torrent clients and seeders forgot all these and try this free service now.