Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Bloom Box" Efficient Clean Power Generation Box developed by Indian born Scientist

Dr. Sridar who is a scientist in silicon valley (US) had found an efficient method for power generation in a Box which is named as "Bloom Box". Indian born Scientist Dr. Sridar  had finished his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at University of Madras and moved to US in 1980 where he completed his MS in nuclear engineering and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from university of Illinois.

Dr. Sridar's Bloom Box consists of ceramic disks coated with special green and black inks and separated by metal plates which can produce 1kW of power which is essential for 4 Indian homes.

The Bloom Box requires Bio Gas or diesel for its operation and produce zero emission , clean, reliable , emits no sound, no smell at all thus producing Eco friendly Electricity.

Currently the Bloom box was used by companies like google , ebay, Fedex for past one year and says that it is more reliable and saves money.

A typical 1 KW Bloom Box will cost $3000 for a house hold will be available in five years.