Sunday, February 7, 2010

Comparison of Apple's IPad with Google's upcoming Netbook

The DrawBacks or the missing features of Apple's IPad was fulfilled by Google's Netbook .

Here is the some basic comparison of features of both
  • At the Heart of the Ipad Apple's own 1GHZ processor While google has ARM Dual  processor.
  • Apple IPad Has 9.7 inch 1024-by-768-pixel display whereas Google netbook has 10.1 inch Full HD 1920x1080 pixel Display with multi-touch of 10 fingers at a time.
  • Ipad comes with maximum of 64 GB flash Drive and Google netbook with 64 GB SSD.
  • Ipad Comes with Apple's own operating system while google's netbook comes with chrome OS.
  • Ipad Does not support Multitasking while Chrome Netbook supports multitasking.
  • Ipad missed the presence of USB port and SD card reader while Google netbook has both features.
  • Google netbook comes with 2GB RAM 
  • Chrome netbook has Nvidia's Tegra chip to Boost graphics and Audio.
  • Ipad does not support for flash while google netbook supports for flash.
  • Absence of Webcam in Ipad while it is present in chrome netbook.
  • Price of Ipad is around $499   whereas Google chrome is $300 approximately.