Sunday, February 14, 2010

How I made $25 by just spending 1 min/day in 2 months

Hello friends  its true that I got payment $25 from lockerz yes is a site which give away free ipod,ipod touch , ps3, wii, m3 players etc. for answering a question per day and log in  daily to their site.

Yes they provide points for login and answering the question every day for these points you can claim the gifts yes ipod nano will be redeemed for 200 points , for 300 points we can claim $25 paypal cash etc..

How to get points?

Just register there by existing members invitation( you can join only by existing members invitation) and login then select the click to get  login points link at the left bottom of the page to get 2 points for logging in. Now at the right bottom of the page you can see dailies select this and answer the question for the day and get 2 more points.

After getting some required points for claiming gifts you can redeem gifts only at the day when the redemption is open and that happens once in a month. If you missed this month then may claim next month and points will be added every day. Here I had attached the proof of the payment that I received from lockerz. For security reasons I strike out my name

If you want invitation then just mail me to